Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide transportation to Tallahassee?
Yes, we provide round trip bus transfers from selected Florida Cities and car transfers from Tallahassee Airport. Transfers are provided on day #1 and last day. Flight to Tallahassee should arrive no later than 10:30 am of the day the tour starts and return flight should depart no earlier than 4:30 pm on the last day of the tour. Please, call for details. 

From which Florida cities does bus pick up?
Bus pick up cities are:  St. Petersburg, Tampa, The Villages and Bellview. 

Can bus pick up in other location?
We will try to accommodate everyone, please give us a call. 

When does tour start?
Tour starts at noon on the day #1 of the tour with a farewell lunch in FSU.

When tour ends and do you return me to my city?
Yes, we will leave Tallahassee on the last day of tour approx. 2 pm, so you will return to your destination that evening. 


How do I reserve one Tour of Tallahassee? 
To book a 3-day, 4 day, or 5 day tour, or regarding any other questions; please go to TOUR tab where you can choose your tour you want to book. You will have to register to book a tour and pay a non-refundable deposit of $100 per person either with a credit card, or a check. You can also contact us by phone at 850-725-6456, or email at 
What are Payment Schedule & Terms?
Deposit of $100 per person is required at the time of booking and deposit is non-refundable, unless trip is a "no-go". Final payment is due 45 days prior to departure. There are no refunds after final payment, unless Traveler's Insurance is purchased. It is suggested that you look into purchase a separate Travel Insurance.
May I pay with my Credit Card?
Yes, you can pay your deposit and final payment with a credit card via secure PayPal site.

I don't have a PayPal account; can I still use a credit card to pay for the tour?
Yes, you can. Just follow payment site and you will be able to pay by any major credit card. 
Should I purchase Travel Insurance for my trip?
We strongly recommend that all guests have a travel insurance policy to ensure your peace of mind before and while traveling to protect yourself in case of trip cancellations, an interruption for any reason and medical expenses. You can purchase travel insurance through Global Gate Travel. Please, follow this link for pricing and to purchase one:
What is not included in the price?
The price does not include: breakfast on day 1, dinner the last day on way back home, alcoholic beverages with meals, hotel incidental charges not listed on the itineraries. 
After I sign up, will I guaranteed that my trip would go? What will happen if there are not enough people?
We need to have a minimum amount of 22 people sign up for a trip to depart. If there is not enough people you will be contacted at least 30 days before trip schedule date and offered a full refund, or a choice to go for another "guaranteed" departure. 
What hotel will we stay in and do you offer a different hotel in Tallahassee?
At this moment we offer a comfortable accommodation in downtown hotels in Tallahassee. For customized tours we can offer a different hotel.  
Can we request a different room type?
Yes, you can request a king size room and 2 double rooms. We will do everything to accommodate your request. 

Are there wheelchair Accommodations at the hotel?
Yes, with advance notice we will provide wheel chair accessible transportation, lodging, and site seeing. (NOTE; please take into consideration that certain sites may have limited accessibility for wheel chairs, however we will do the best we can in providing better suited alternatives to fit your needs.)

What will be served for breakfast in the hotel?
Hotel offers waffles, eggs, and sausage with biscuits along with breakfast breads, fresh fruit, yogurt, coffee tea and juices.
Are their dietary Accommodations?
With advanced notice, it is our pleasure to make sure all your dietary needs and restrictions are taken care of so that you can enjoy the fantastic cuisine provided for your vacation without any worries or health concerns. Please make note of any restrictions, allergies, or specifications when requesting a reservation.

You say "3 course dinner included", what does it mean?
We want you to feel like local when you travel to Tallahassee so to "eat as locals do" we choose local restaurants only with different cousine options. All our dinners include appetizer or salad, main course choices and dessert. Our Farewell dinner also includes a glass of wine. 
What restaurants will we be dining in?
To experience Tallahassee we chosen a local restaurants like dinning at FSU, Georgio's Fine Food & Spirits, 101 Restaurant, Casa Grande, El Jalisco, Andrew's Capital Grill & Bar, and other local dining places. Please, see tab " HELPFUL LINKS" for links to these restaurants.

Are beer, wine and alcoholic beverages included in Dinner?
Global Gate's Tour would love treat you to a complimentary wine during our Farewell dinner. Other nights you can purchase drinks with dinner for additional cost. 

Are desserts served with Dinner?
Yes, we offer 3 course dinner and dessert is included.

How many people are on the Group Travel Experience with me?
Group tours range from a minimum of 24 - 40 people maximum. Seats are reserved when tours are scheduled.
Can you accommodate small groups as well? 
We will try to accommodate whatever number of people necessary, feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss any questions regarding number of passengers requested.
Can you customize tour to Tallahassee for large groups?
Yes, upon request for groups of 30 and more we can customize tour with bus pick up location, dining and touring portion of the trip. Please, give us a call to discus details. 
Will I have time to visit or sight see on my own?
We offer "free time" on our several tours with optional stop in one of our shopping plaza in town. 
Is there a Tour Guide present?  
Our expert tour guide Beth J LaCivita will be your tour guide in most out visited sites; she received her Master’s Degree in history, graduating with honors from Florida State University. In some visiting sites professional staff will give us tour of selected exhibits. Also there will be a Tour Director with the group from breakfast to after dinner. 
Is tour Guide Bi-lingual? 
At the moment there is no bi-lingual options as far guided tours go, but with the diversity of our culture, comes the knowledge and understanding of various languages, and customs aspiring to accommodate you as best we can.
Do I need to tip anyone, if so how much?
Restaurants tips are included, however if you order drink at the restaurant  tipping is not included. Bus driver and your tour guide's tip is not included and it is up to your desecration. Also if you feel like someone did outstanding job you feel free to reward him or her with tip.
Will there be a lot of walking/activities on tour?
Our tours are design to see and experience the most of Tallahassee. Some places require walking to the exhibits and historical sites that is restricted to a motor coach. Please, wear comfortable shoes, so you can fully enjoy every aspect of your vacation. 
Can I bring my wheelchair on the tour?
Yes, in most circumstances you are able to travel with a wheelchair on your trip as long as you are traveling with a person who is willing and able to provide personal assistance on the trip. Please call us at the time of booking if you plan to bring a wheelchair to ensure we can meet your requirements.