About Us

We have been in the travel business for over 19 years specializing group and individual travel, overnight and day trips. We will give you personal service while touring with us, show you the way we see our area and allow you to discover on your own  – all with VIP travel service! 

Tours of Tallahassee was originally created as a customized tour of historic Tallahassee and bayond.  The popular Tour of Tallahassee is now a scheduled tour for all seniors, students, business travelers and anyone wanting to learn more about Florida’s great state capitol city and surrounding areas.  Tours of Tallahassee VIP service is designed to maximize the historical experience eliminating decision conflicts that often result in missed events, lost time, and unpleasant experience for family members, group leaders and individuals.  We know Tallahassee’s governing schedule, back doorways to uncharted experiences, the best places to dine and how to enjoy a restful evening.  We made all the arrangements including hotel, transportation, dedicated guided tours and meals for you to enjoy the whole experience. So, let us be your guide. We will keep you occupied, help you relax and pave the way from start to finish.

We will cater to corporate events, small groups and educational trips. 


                                                     Wioleta Gaddy - Owner